What is Flotilla 2?
Flotilla 2 is:
  • a turn-based strategy game.
  • about space battleships.
  • single-player.
  • played with the Vive VR headset.
    Where can I buy Flotilla 2?
    Flotilla 2 is still in development, and is not yet available for purchase.

    If you'd like to be updated when the game is released:

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    Can I preorder Flotilla 2?
    Flotilla 2 will not have preorders.

    However, you can add Flotilla 2 to your Steam wishlist now.
    Does this game require a VR headset?
    Can I play the game without a VR headset?
    Which VR headsets does Flotilla 2 support?
    At the moment Flotilla 2 supports Vive VR.

    Flotilla 2 is still in development. Other supported VR headsets, if any, will be announced in the future.
    Is this a sequel?
    Yes. Flotilla 2 is a sequel to Flotilla, a game I made in 2010.
    Does Flotilla 2 have multiplayer?
    Does Flotilla 2 have local/hotseat multiplayer?
    How much does Flotilla 2 cost?
    What platform is Flotilla 2 available on?
    Windows 7 and above.
    What are the system requirements?
    Flotilla 2's minimum system requirements are:
  • a Vive VR headset
  • Windows 7 and above
  • 100 MB of free hard drive space.
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Intel i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 equivalent or better
  • GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290 equivalent or better
    What company made Flotilla 2?
    Flotilla 2 was made by Blendo Games.

    Blendo Games is a video game company founded in 2010 and located in Los Angeles, USA. The company is run by Brendon Chung.
    Who made the levels in Flotilla 2?
    I was fortunate enough to have these talented developers lend their level design skills to Flotilla 2:

  • Aquma
  • Valerie Lin
  • ATL3Y
  • Evan Hemsley
    Does Flotilla 2 have a level editor?
    Yup! In addition to including many campaign levels, Flotilla 2 also lets you create your own levels from scratch.

  • Create your own levels, in VR, using the same tools that the level designers used.
  • Share your level creations on Steam Workshop.
  • Download other players' levels from Steam Workshop and play them.
    What engine/technology does Flotilla 2 use?
    Flotilla 2 uses a home-brewed engine powered by a variety of frameworks and libraries:
    RENDERING/INPUT: OpenTK & SimpleScene
    PHYSICS: BEPU Physics
    VR: OpenVR
    What programming language is Flotilla 2 written in?
    Flotilla 2's code is written in C#
    What DRM does Flotilla 2 use?
    Flotilla 2 doesn't use any DRM or copy protection.
    May I monetize a video of Flotilla 2?

    Blendo Games permits monetization of productions such as review videos or "Let's Play" videos whereby a production site may pay you for views.
    What are other games you've made?
    Previous works include Quadrilateral Cowboy, Thirty Flights of Loving, Atom Zombie Smasher, Gravity Bone...

    ...and more!
    Do you have a press kit for Flotilla 2?
    Yup. Read the press kit here.
    Is there a messageboard for Flotilla 2?
    Yup. Click here to visit the Flotilla 2 messageboard.
    How do I change settings in Flotilla 2?
    Options can be changed in two ways:
    • Edit


      in Flotilla 2's installation folder.
    • Or, add command-line parameters to the launch settings.
    What command-line parameters are there?

    -contentfolder value

    Determines what foldername to search for all of the game content (art, levels, data, sounds, etc.).


    -rendertomonitor true|false

    Determines whether the VR headset image is mirrored onto your monitor.


    -monitorupdatetime value

    How often to update the monitor image.


    = update every 0.3 seconds.


    = update every frame.


    -resolution value value

    Determines the width and height resolution of your monitor display.

    1024 1024

    -cameracontrol true|false

    Determines camera control behavior.


    = camera can be moved in any direction.


    = lock camera movement to vertical axis.


    -volume value

    Determines volume of sound effects. Ranges 0.0 - 1.0


    -musicvolume value

    Determines volume of music. Ranges 0.0 - 1.0


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