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Date: June 19th, 2013
Cate: development, Quadrilateral Cowboy
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Quadrilateral Cowboy screenshot

Everything’s diesel in Quadrilateral Cowboy.


Date: June 17th, 2013
Cate: sketch
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Monday Sketch: Goldmen Inc

Some days ago, I was introduced to Cryptic Sea‘s game Sub Rosa. I instantly became a fan. Here’s my Sub Rosa fan-art:


The character’s pose was based on a scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. The car was based on a model I made for a since-abandoned game project.

Here’s the process breakdown:


Here’s the time-lapse recording of the sketch:

And here’s a video of a Sub Rosa coop test, featuring myself and Sub Rosa’s creator Alex Austin. We’re attempting to stop that wily red van:

Date: June 8th, 2013
Cate: announcement, podcast
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Extended Memory podcast


My friend Sanjay Madhav and I recorded a podcast together: Extended Memory.

In Extended Memory, illness Sanjay and I chat with a game developer: where they started, buy how they got here, and why they always do that thing they do.

Our first episode of Extended Memory is now up. In this episode, Sanjay interviews me. Click here to listen.

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Date: June 3rd, 2013
Cate: sketch
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Monday Sketch: Eastwood

Clint Eastwood + Batman + Sad Keanu