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Date: August 26th, 2013
Cate: sketch

Monday Sketch: Nic Cage as Riff Raff

Nic Cage as Riff Raff.


Date: August 14th, 2013
Cate: development
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7DFPS: Photog

As mentioned in a previous post, I plunked out another multiplayer 7DFPS project. Here it is!


What’s this?
The game is called Photog. I recorded a short video walkthrough of its main mechanic, where one player plays as a cameraman for a third-person shooter.

Basically, the cameraman needs to follow his/her teammates and provide them with good shooting angles.

Edit: here’s a video of Photog’s first playtest.

How many players are needed?
It’s designed for 4+ players. Each team consists of 1 cameraman and 1+ shooters.

What’s the combat like?
You’re armed with throwing axes. There are ammo pickups and health pickups.

You can’t attack while holding the camera.

How do I aim while in third-person?
There’ll be a giant crosshair dot in the world (blue or red, depending on your team). Move the mouse to aim.

What are the controls?
WASD moves you. Left-click throws an axe, or drops the camera if you’re the cameraman.

F1 switches teams. TAB shows the scoreboard.

I want to play.
Here ya go:

Download Photog v1.0 (5 MB)

Source code (9 MB)

Wait, are there any bugs or issues?

Et al

The first commercial game I worked on was a third-person game, and one of the design goals was that the camera should simulate someone holding a camera. So, there was a some camera shake, some idle swaying, and jostling when your squad was running full-bore down a street. It was a great effect, and its third-person camera system in general was very well done.

Some of us designers thought it would be a hilarious gag if the camera was represented by a camera crew, and you’d catch glimpses of them under very rare circumstances. Some guy with a boom mic, a camera operator, a focus puller hanging out on the side. This was one of those ideas you prefaced with “wouldn’t it be amazing if…”, knowing full well that it’s completely unfeasible for a multitude of practical and production reasons.

So, Photog is me finally getting around to making this camera-crew game. Everyone has a ton of “wouldn’t it be amazing if…” ideas, and a game jam is the perfect place to play with them.

Date: August 12th, 2013
Cate: development
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7DFPS: Guru v1.1

Yesterday I released the initial version of Guru. Guru is about a blind person engaging in melee combat, inspired by a game my friend is working on.  I playtested Guru with Ben and Tynan and the game didn’t completely explode. Some things became apparent:

  • In a 1v1 match, the guru almost always destroys the assassin. When the guru is outnumbered, the outcome is reversed.
  • It’s pretty fun to work on small multiplayer games that don’t really care whether people play it.
  • LAN parties need to make a comeback in a big bad way.


We played Guru for a bit and after some discussion I had a good list of things to add and change.

  • Heartbeat: to better orient the guru, assassins play a heartbeat sound. The heartbeat sound is non-directional.
  • Leap: the guru has a mighty forward leap (press spacebar). It can be used once every 7 seconds. Whenever the guru destroys an assassin, the guru can leap immediately.
  • Throwable: the guru has one throwing axe (press e).
  • Attack rate: lowered fire rate of guru axe attacks.

And finally, some fixes and tweaks:

  • starting an internet server (maybe) works now.
  • the default control setup for the guru rear attack was broken.
  • the options menu has a volume slider.
  • the “muffled footsteps behind you” is now more muffled.


Download (6 MB)

Date: August 11th, 2013
Cate: development
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7DFPS: Guru

edit: Guru is now updated to version 1.1

I made a 7DFPS project. It’s called Guru. Guru is an asymmetrical multiplayer game.

Download (6 MB)


The above picture is what the Assassin team sees. Assassins are armed with big scary axes.


The above picture depicts what the Guru sees. It’s a black screen. The Guru is blind and also has a big scary axe.

How do Assassins win?

Assassins win by destroying the Guru.

How does the Guru win?

The Guru wins by destroying Assassins -OR- surviving sixty seconds.

I see a black screen.

Yeah, Gurus can’t see anything. Listen to the assassin footsteps and try to figure out where they are.

How many footstep types are there?

The map consists of a small pond, surrounded by a ring of dirt, surrounded by a ring of grass.

Footsteps behind the guru will sound muffled.

What can the assassins do?

The assassins can move (WASD) and attack (LEFT CLICK).

What can the guru do?

The guru can move (WASD) and attack forward (LEFT CLICK) and attack backward (RIGHT CLICK).

Is the guru axe amazing?

Why yes it is (how did you know to ask that?). The guru’s axe has an extremely long range.

If the guru’s axe successfully hits, the guru can immediately attack again. If the guru misses, the guru has to wait a couple seconds between attacks.

Is there any wonkiness I should be aware of?

There’s a ton of wonkiness.

  • Starting an internet server is broken. LAN servers should work fine.
  • The guru’s rear attack animation sometimes doesn’t play. (it should still apply damage regardless)
  • The muffled-behind-footstep effect doesn’t work correctly when there’s more than one guru.
  • The server browser sometimes doesn’t correctly update. You can manually enter the IP, or try quitting & restarting.
  • I wasn’t able to have players automatically switch teams at the end of a round. You can press F1 to switch teams.


Where can I download Guru?

Download (6 MB)

Source code (9 MB)

The game is totally crashing.

If you have a moment, please send me the log file so I can hopefully figure out why it’s crashing.

1. Run the game with:  guru.exe +set logfile 1

2. Go into the “base” folder.

3. Send the qconsole.log file to my email,

Et al

A friend of mine is working on a blind swordsman game, and I wanted to see how it’d play in a multiplayer environment. I had also played In the Pit a while back and always wanted to play with the audio-game genre.

I cheated and started this project a few days before the official 7DFPS start date.

The “audio is muffled when something is behind you” was something I stole from The Last of Us.

The “casualty” voiceover is my love letter to Bungie’s Myth series.

Most of my games focus on single-player, so for this game jam I wanted to work on something a bit out of my comfort zone. Most of my time was spent reading Doom 3’s multiplayer code over and over again, trying to figure out how things fit together. As you can see from the ‘wonkiness’ list above, I wasn’t able to suss out a lot of things, but the gameplay parts should (mostly) work.

I enjoyed working on this quite a bit, so I’m going to try to plunk out another 7DFPS project where you’re the cameraman for a third-person shooter.

Date: August 5th, 2013
Cate: development
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Doom3 Starter Kit

In anticipation of the upcoming 7DFPS festivities, I packaged a stripped-down version of the Doom3 engine (the engine I’m currently using for Quadrilateral Cowboy). Includes:

  • Minimal game assets.
  • Pre-compiled binaries.
  • A test map (
  • Source code.


Other info:


Some learning resources:


Download (10 mb)

Date: August 1st, 2013
Cate: podcast

Extended Memory: Borut Pfeifer


Extended Memory episode 3, vcialis 40mg in which we chat with Skulls of the Shogun developer Borut Pfeifer.

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Date: August 1st, 2013
Cate: podcast

Extended Memory: Sanjay Madhav


Extended Memory episode 2, story featuring Pandemic/Neversoft/Spark/EA programmer Sanjay Madhav.

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