These are small programs I wrote mostly for my own personal use. They haven't been tested extensively. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Free. Source code is included (C#). All programs are under MIT license.

Stream Suite

Automates streaming tasks. With the click of a button, posts a Twitter message, posts a Discord message, sets the Twitch title to today's date, and runs a countdown timer for the stream pre-roll.

Changelog Bot

Sends TortoiseSVN commit messages to a Discord channel.

Workshop Uploader

Program for uploading Steam Workshop items. Originally written for Quadrilateral Cowboy but can be repurposed for other games.

TGA Viewer

Views TGA image files. Only TGA files. Absolutely no other image formats.

(Honestly you should use XNView instead)

FTP Uploader

The file uploader I wrote for my static site.

Tax Expenser

Converts transaction statement PDFs into spreadsheet-friendly format. Not flexible at all.
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