Atom Zombie Smasher FAQ

  1. I get a message about "fatal error loading sound: artyfire01.ogg"
  2. The game crashes.
  3. Where's that awesome music from?
  4. What DRM does Atom Zombie Smasher use?
  5. Wait, what's DRM?
  6. What are the system requirements?
  7. Where can I view the vignettes I've earned?
  8. How does multiplayer work?
  9. How do I make and play mods?
  10. What command line parameter are available?
  11. I only see the corner of the screen
  12. How can I reset the game settings?
  13. What happens when my download link expires?
  14. How do I patch the Impulse version of the game?
  15. Where are all my settings and save files located?
  16. You didn't answer my question!
  17. Version history/patches

I get a message about "fatal error loading sound: artyfire01.ogg"

Please download and install the OpenAL audio library: OALINST.ZIP

The game crashes.

Please try the following solutions:

Solution 1
  1. Go to Atom Zombie Smasher's data folder. The default location is at: c:\games\steam\steamapps\common\atomzombiesmasher\data
  2. Right-click on: atomzombiesmasher.exe
  3. Select Properties
  4. Select the Compatibility tab.
  5. Check on the checkbox labeled: Run this program in compatibility mode for
  6. From the dropdown box, select: Windows 7
  7. Run the game.
Solution 2
  1. Go to Atom Zombie Smasher's data folder. The default location is at: c:\games\steam\steamapps\common\atomzombiesmasher\data
  2. Right-click on: atomzombiesmasher.exe
  3. Select the Compatibility tab.
  4. Check on the checkbox labeled: Run this program in compatibility mode for
  5. From the dropdown box, select: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  6. Run the game.
Solution 3
  1. Go to Atom Zombie Smasher's data folder. The default location is at: c:\games\steam\steamapps\common\atomzombiesmasher\data
  2. Delete the file: atigktxx.dll
  3. Run the game.
Solution 4
  1. Update your video card driver
    ATI: ATI drivers
    Nvidia: Nvidia drivers
  2. If you're running Steam, update the game cache.
    (right-click Atom Zombie Smasher > Properties > Local Files > Verity Integrity of Game Cache)
  3. Run the game.
Solution 5
  1. Go to Atom Zombie Smasher's data folder. The default location is at: c:\games\steam\steamapps\common\atomzombiesmasher\data
  2. Delete the file: openal32.dll
  3. Download and install the latest OpenAL Installer for Windows.
  4. Run the game.
Solution 6
  1. Re-install the Microsoft C++ Redistributable
  2. Re-install the Microsoft .Net Framework
  3. Run the game.

Where's that awesome music from?

The music is from Benny & the Mid-Knights and The Volcanics; we feature the songs "The Baron," "Blue Without You," "Boulevard," and "Tsunami."

Benny & the Mid-Knights: The Volcanics:

What DRM does Atom Zombie Smasher use?

Atom Zombie Smasher doesn't use any DRM or copy protection. We here at Blendo Games believe in giving our supporters the smoothest game experience possible.

Wait, what's DRM?

DRM is short for "digital rights management." Wikipedia can explain it better than I can, so here's a link to their article:

What are the system requirements?

  • Operating system: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7, Mac OSX 10.6+, or Linux
  • Processor: 1GHz
  • RAM memory: 512MB
  • Free hard drive space: 60 mb
  • Sound: Anything from the past 15 years
  • Video: OpenGL-compatible
  • Controls: Keyboard and mouse

    Where can I view the vignettes I've earned?

    In the main menu, click on the "Extras" button.

    How does multiplayer work?

    Atom Zombie Smasher supports up to three players together on the same machine. Plug in gamepads/joysticks for player #2 and #3, and in the options menu select "Add player".

    How do I make and play mods?

    Click on the "Mods" button in the main menu. From there, you can make mods, edit mods, download mods, and share your mods via the Online File Share.

    For demo users curious how editing mods looks like, click here to check out the example mod.

    What command line parameters are available?

    -width 1024Force the screen resolution width.
    -height 768Force the screen resolution height.
    -fullscreen 1Force fullscreen/windowed. 0=windowed, 1=fullscreen.
    -mod ModNameLoad a mod by it name.
    -framerate 60Limit rendering of frames per second.
    -sound 0Disable audio.
    -joystick 0Disable joysticks/gamepads.
    -vsync 0Disable vertical sync.
    -x 100Force the window's X position.
    -y 100Force the window's Y position.

    Steam users can enter command-line parameters via:
    1. Right-click Atom Zombie Smasher
    2. Select 'Properties'
    3. Select 'Set Launch Options...'
    4. Enter your command-line parameters.

    I only see the corner of the screen.

    Please try to run the game with this command-line parameter:

    -width 800 -height 600 -x 0 -y 0 -fullscreen 0

    How can I reset the game settings?

    Press and hold SHIFT while the game is loading. A message will pop up when this is done successfully.

    What happens when my download link expires?

    Email me at and I can instantly re-activate your download link. Be sure to keep the email receipt you received when you purchased the game.

    How do I patch the Impulse version of the game?

    When the patch program runs, make sure you enter the correct folder path in the Destination Location field. By default, Atom Zombie Smasher is installed in:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Indie Games\Atom Zombie Smasher

    Where are all my settings and save files located?

    Win 7C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\AtomZombieData
    Win XPC:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\AtomZombieData
    Mac\Users\username\Library\Application Support\AtomZombieData

    You didn't answer my question!

    If your question wasn't answered above:

    Version history/patches

    Windows:(start game to auto-update, or click here for manual install)
    Mac:v1.94 patch
    Linux:v1.94 patch

    1.94 December 18, 2011
    - Gameplay: added KringleJammer mini-game.
    - UI: camera can now be controlled with WSAD
    - UI: Report-a-bug now accepts quotation marks.
    1.89 September 12, 2011
    - Gameplay: when no more zombie territories, humans win.
    - UI: merc control bar now accommodates any arbitrary amount.
    - UI: can press ESC to skip Territory Score screen.
    - UI: can press ESC to skip New Outbreaks screen.
    - UI: can press left/right to select upgradeable mercs.
    - UI: can press Enter for Yes/No popups.
    - UI: fixed Player 2 artillery cursor mixup.
    - UI: added loading animation to File Share menu.
    - UI: added URL tooltip in Behind the Scenes.
    - UI: vid. resolution menu now shows current resolution.
    - UI: helicopter name limited to 23 chars.
    - UI: add help message for bad profiles.
    - Mods: removed empty mods from database.
    - Fix: custom resolutions are now saved.
    - Fix: fix crash in Zed Bait.
    - Fix: fix crash in Twitter feed.
    - Debug: PAX Demo functionality.
    1.87 August 8, 2011
    - UI: added custom resolution to resolution menu.
    - UI: Extras menus now accommodate 1024x600 resolution.
    - System: added -x 0 -y 0 command-line parameter to reposition window.
    - Fix: "System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory" crash.
    - Fix: fixed divide by zero crash.
    - Fix: fixed crash in in mod manager.
    - Debug: vignette editor can now press F11 to live-update data.
    1.86 August 2, 2011
    - Fix: fixed compatibility with OSX Lion 10.7
    - Gameplay: Chooser mode no longer grants infinite roster.
    - Gameplay: ensure merc roster is never empty.
    - UI: now accommodates 1024x600 resolution.
    - UI: popup windows now use Y/N for keyboard shortcuts.
    - Mods: fixed missing parameters in default mod.
    - System: added -vsync 0/1 command line.
    1.85 July 17, 2011
    - Gameplay: fix unit limit in Chooser mode.
    - Gameplay: ensure Chooser merc lineup is never empty.
    - UI: middle-click closes Chooser window.
    - UI: enter closes Chooser window.
    - UI: add icons to Chooser window.
    1.84 July 13, 2011
    - Gameplay: Chooser gamemode no longer scrambles merc lineup.
    - Gameplay: landmines now respect user's gamespeed.
    - UI: middle mouse click now opens Merc Chooser window.
    - UI: Alt+Enter now toggles fullscreen/windowed.
    - UI: added option to quit without saving.
    - UI: added social feed.
    - UI: added More Games menu.
    - UI: increased Report-a-Bug window size.
    - UI: campaign log export now includes hours/minutes in filename.
    - System: Disable joysticks with "-joystick 0" command line.
    - System: Disable sound with "-sound 0" command line.
    - System: Added telemetry system.
    - Fix: crash in 3D renderer.
    - Fix: crash in region generation.
    - Fix: crash in newsletter page.
    - Fix: crash with empty mod names.
    - Fix: crash in music system.
    - Fix: crash in pathfinder.
    - Fix: crash in text renderer.
    1.82 May 16, 2011
    - UI: added "Hotkey UI" to display hotkey numbers on mercenaries.
    - Mods: particle effect color when helicopter gathers civilians (HELI_GATHERCOLOR)
    - Mods: particle effect color when Zed Bait gathers zombies (NECTAR_GATHERCOLOR)
    - Fix: crash in cityscape UI renderer.
    - Fix: fixed bugs in territory generator.
    1.81 May 8, 2011
    - Mods: parameter for controlling how often zombies chase humans (ZOMBIE_CHASECHANCE 25)
    - Extras: added Behind the Scenes page.
    - Extras: added Version History page.
    - Extras: added Newsletter page.
    - Fix: fixed mystery dynamite appearing at 0,0 position.
    - Fix: crash in dynamite detonation.
    - Fix: crash in texture renderer.
    1.79 May 2, 2011
    - Gameplay: fixed conflict between Elephantbird and Chooser gamemode.
    - Mods: Reload mod data button is now backslash (Steam version)
    - UI: added option to turn off tutorial tips.
    - UI: Improved the Fileshare's scrollbar.
    - UI: Catbird was mistakenly labeled Elephantbird.
    - Fix: joystick now only updates if more than one player is enabled.
    1.77 April 24, 2011
    - Gameplay: added "Chooser" gamemode. Select mercenary lineup every month.
    - Gameplay: dynamite no longer required for mission start.
    - Mods: added FORCE_CHOOSER parameter to force the Chooser gamemode.
    - UI: press Enter to end planning phase.
    - Fix: fixed Combatant gamemode (was always on).
    - Fix: fixed typo in mine_triggertime parameter.
    - Fix: fixed "Bookworm" achievement.
    - Fix: crash when time values are too large.
    - Fix: crash in File Manager.
    1.73 April 11, 2011
    - UI: added music links to main menu.
    - UI: added file count to File Share.
    - UI: fixed File Share scrollbar.
    - Mods: new nighttime length parameter (NIGHTTIME_SECONDS).
    - Fix: added error popup for audio crash.
    - Fix: ensure outbreak cities always have correct population.
    - Fix: fixed crash when BARRICADE_LIFETIME is too high.
    - Fix: fixed various city size-mod crashes.
    - Fix: fixed crash in when retrieving vignette data from profile.
    1.72 April 4, 2011
    - Gameplay: fixed Zed Bait last-saved positions.
    - Gameplay: zombies & humans can no longer both get points from same territory.
    - Gameplay: ensure populations are always set during No Quarter games.
    - UI: add UI that highlights dynamite.
    - UI: added scrollbar to File Share
    - Mods: fixed mod loading when continuing a savegame.
    - Mods: Zed Bait parameters now accept decimal values.
    - Mods: Mine damage parameters (MINE_MAXDAMAGE, MINE_MINDAMAGE)
    - Mods: Mine trigger delay (MINE_TRIGGERTIME)
    - Mods: allow milestones to be triggered on both zombie and human track.
    - Fix: fixed crash in File Share.
    - Fix: fixed crash in mod diff viewer.
    - Fix: fixed crash in finale audio.
    - Fix: added error-checking for some ATI video cards.
    1.71 March 29, 2011
    - Gameplay: level-4 outbreaks now constantly spread to neighbors.
    - Mods: added parameter to control level-4 spreading (GAME_ASSAULTSPREAD 1)
    - Mods: added parameter for merc button UI. (UI_CONTROLBOX_BUTTONS 8 )
    - Mods: added parameter for determining assault levels. (GAME_ASSAULTTHRESHOLD 1)
    - Mods: added parameters for more scientist levels. (SCIPOP_LVL4 SCIPOP_LVL10)
    - Mods: added parameter for minimum park size. (PARK_MINSIZE 2)
    - Mods: infantry color now affects selector UI.
    - Mods: periods now allowed in mod names.
    - Debug: ctrl+shift+z to depopulate a territory.
    - Performance: faster sniper overlay rendering.
    - Fix: fixed force_noquarter parameter.
    - Fix: fixed bug where Continue button overlapped Merc button.
    - Fix: crash when no profiles are available.
    1.69 March 24, 2011
    - Fix: fixed "Fatal error loading sound" crash.
    - Fixed audio crash in Weather Manager.
    1.67 March 23, 2011
    - Fix: fixed disappearing barricade bug.
    - Gameplay: first merc is guaranteed to be offensive unit.
    - Gameplay: added Combatant modifier. Ensures an offensive unit is always included in roster.
    - Gameplay: balancing pass:
      * Increased initial amount of scientists.
      * Increase human speed.
      * Increased human territory points.
      * Increase heli land time.
      * Decrease sniper reposition time.
      * Increased short game victory points.
      * More parks!
    - Mods: InfantryColor now affects in-game unit.
    - Mods: added parameters to determine offensive mercs.
    - Mods: added parameter to force Combatant gamemode.
    - Achievements: fixed Street Sweeper and Snipe Hunt.
    - Achievements: fixed stat accruement.
    - UI: only show territory hover when in orders mode.
    - UI: add achievement button to pause menu.
    - Fix: updated with new OpenAL32 library.
    - Fix: crash in mod viewer.
    1.65/66 March 20, 2011
    - Fix: bad framerate bug.
    - Gameplay: barricades no longer required for mission start.
    - Gameplay: remove Cabin Milestone if Party Wagon is active.
    - Gameplay: plus/minus key can now be held.
    - Fileshare: mod listing is now faster.
    - Mod menu: mod listing is now faster.
    - Mod parameter: Scientist starting amount (SCI_STARTINGAMOUNT 0)
    - Mod parameter: Lvl-4 alternate spawning (ALTERNATE_SPAWN_EPIDEMIC 32)
    - Mod parameter: more city populations (CITYPOP_LVL5 - CITYPOP_LVL10)
    - Mod parameter: min. building size for snipers (SNIPER_MINBUILDINGSIZE 2)
    - Achievements: fixed Tactical Camelid.
    - Report-a-bug: now accepts question marks.
    - Fix: better performance in worldmap screen.
    - Fix: crash in tile rendering.
    - Fix: crash in dictionary accessing.
    - Fix: crash in bird audio.
    - Fix: crash in modded building heights.
    1.63 March 16, 2011
    - Achievements: fixed stat accruement.
    - Debug: press ctrl+x to complete mission.
    - Debug: added Steam stat viewer.
    - Fix: fixed hang when home territory is taken.
    - Fix: fixed bug where people got stuck in barricades.
    - Fix: fixed mixup between Alt. Spawning & No Quarter.
    1.62 March 15, 2011
    - Gameplay: fixed random sorting for mercenary selection.
    - Camera: map now scrolls when mouse cursor is at screen edge.
    - Video: added option for v-sync.
    - Video: added commandline for framerate limit ( -framerate 60 )
    - Debug: press ctrl+x to skip to next month.
    - Achievements: fixed Champion of the People, Worm Has Turned
    - Achievements: fixed Champion of the People, Worm Has Turned
    - Fix: fixed crash in vignette file parsing.
    - Fix: fixed crash in bird rendering.
    - Fix: fixed crash with invalid characters in profile name.
    - Fix: fixed crash in Zed Bait audio.
    - Fix: fixed crash in Filemanager sort-by-date/name.
    1.6 March 6, 2011
    - Mods: new mod reload button (backslash).
    - Mods: added population parameter for level-4 outbreaks (CITYPOP_LVL4).
    - Mods: creating mods now grab latest online mod data.
    - Performance: optimized barricade rendering.
    - Fileshare: allow sorting only when done loading data.
    - File mgr: added Rename button.
    - File mgr: label bad/corrupt files.
    - Fix: fixed crash in zed bait.
    - Fix: fixed crash in territory scoring.
    1.55 February 24, 2011
    - Performance: optimized barricade placement.
    - Mods: added rating system for mods.
    - Mods: helicopter parameters are now floats (was integer).
    - Fix: fixed crash when there are zero zombie territories.
    - Fix: fixed crash when mod has duplicate parameters.
    - Fix: fixed crash when quitting debug city.
    1.52 February 22, 2011
    - Balance: Llama Pile price adjustment.
    - Fix: fixed bug in multiplayer merc selection.
    - Fix: fixed crash in park generation.
    - Fix: fixed crash in night crickets.
    - Fix: fixed crash in File Share.
    1.51 February 21, 2011
    - Gameplay: Llama Pile now includes Llama Bomb unlock
    - Gameplay: Added "No Quarter" gamemode. Zombies invade all territories.
    - Mod screen: added sort by name/author.
    - Fileshare: added sort by name/author/date.
    - Fileshare: sort newest date by default.
    - Fileshare: fixed "downloaded" icon.
    - Mod creation: if no online connection, copies local manifest.txt
    - Mods: added debug to increase/decrease outbreak level.
      1. Activate debug mode (Ctrl+F11, Esc)
      2. On the world map, hover mouse on territory.
      3. CTRL+Z: increase outbreak level.
      4. CTRL+SHIFT+Z: decrease outbreak level.
    - Mods: added parameter for helicopter name.
    HELI_NAME		Pleasant Pheasant
    - Mods: added parameter to force No Quarter gamemode.
    - Netbook mode: optimized world map rendering.
    - UI: updated controls screen.
    - Fix: fixed crash in modded building heights.
    1.45 February 15, 2011
    - Controls: mouse middle-click now deselects merc.
    - UI: mod name display to cityscape and world map.
    - UI: fixed sniper mousecursor in coop play.
    - UI: fixed minus key (Mac).
    - Fix: crash in modded artillery stats.
    - Mods: fix for downloading mods with non-alphanumeric names.
    - Mods: Added error checking when hot-updating mod (press F12).
    - Debug: debugmenu shortcut is now Ctrl+F11 (Mac: Ctrl+Backspace)
    1.42 February 10, 2011
    - Fixed ATI driver issue (PC)
    - Mod Manager: added mod info viewer.
    - Balancing: Alt. Spawning gamemode.
    1.41 February 9, 2011
    - Gameplay: dead mercs can now be upgraded.
    - New modifier: spawn zombies in middle of city.
    - Mods: added parameter for spawning zombies in middle of city.
    - Mods: added parameter for giving all mercs.
    - Mods: added parameter for forcing permadeath.
    - Fix: fixed crash in park generation.
    - Fix: fixed crash in helicopter spawning.
    - Fix: fixed crash in tutorial system.
    - Fix: fixed crash in text rendering.
    - Fix: fixed crash in Zed Bait.
    - Fix: fixed crash in Online File Share.
    - Fix: fixed crash when deleting active profile.
    1.34 February 7, 2011
    - Mods: fixed float values.
    - Mods: added parameter for infantry refire time.
    - Mods: added parameter for max amount of superzombies.
    - Mods: added parameter for superzombie spawn time.
    - File Manager: added sort by name/date.
    - Fix: fixed crash in building generation.
    - Fix: fixed crash in Online File Share.
    1.33 February 3, 2011
    - Gameplay: fixed infantry cloning bug.
    - Mods: fixed bug where savegames weren't loading their associated mod.
    - Mods: fixed stat_arty_shells_* parameter.
    - Patcher: fixed filename bug.
    1.32 February 2, 2011
    - Vignettes: fixed international region error.
    - Vignettes: added better error checking.
    - Mods: fixed typos in manifest file.
    - Mods: MS_* milestones set to zero will now unlock at campaign start.
    - Mods: debug menu opens with ctrl+shift+backspace (Mac only).
    - Gameplay: fixed crash with unit reset.
    1.31 January 31, 2011
    - Unit reset: limited unit reset to planning phase.
    - Fully Stocked mode: fixed crash.
    - Permadeath: added missing Permadeath prompt.
    - Barricades: fixed invisible barricade reset bug.
    - Barricades: fixed crash.
    - Patcher: fixed windows auto-patching (really)
    - Linux: fixed permissions.
    1.3 January 31, 2011
    - Gameplay: right-click merc button to reset their position.
    - New modifier: Triplets. Carry more than one of each merc type.
    - New modifier: Permadeath. Disables mission restart.
    - New mod parameter: control zombie spawn speed/amount.
      ZED_SPAWNTIME		1.5
    - New mod parameter: how many of each mercs are available.
    - New mod parameter: how many shells arty can fire per level.
      STAT_ARTY_SHELLS_10		10
    - Music: fixed missing level music cue.
    - Barricades: performance optimization.
    - Snipers: performance optimization.
    - Patcher: fixed some auto-run issues.
    - Debugmode: added Input Viewer.
    1.25 January 28, 2011
    - Gameplay: added "Concede" button to dropdown menu.
    - Gameplay: added loading screen when generating world.
    - Gameplay: added textkey "Press 9 to restart" (Mac only)
    - Gameplay: fixed bug where mission restart broke pause toggle.
    - Mods: fixed scientist population crash when outbreak level > 4
    - Patcher: Mac/Linux now routes player to download site.
    - Landmines: fixed crash in draw code.
    - Fileshare: fixed crash.
    - File Upload: fixed crash.
    1.24 January 26, 2011
    - Gameplay: fixed issue with Level-4 "Concede" button not appearing.
    - Gameplay: added more timescale controls:
      Ctrl+Plus = max speed.
      Ctrl+Minus = min speed.
      Ctrl+Spacebar = default speed.
    - Fileshare: fixed crash when scrolling list.
    - Mods: fixed crash when outbreak levels exceed Level-4.
    - Mods: fixed crash with modded worldmaps.
    1.23 January 25, 2011
    - Gameplay: added Purchaseable Llama Bombs.
    - Screen: buttons now accommodate lower resolutions.
    - Patcher: added auto-download for patches (Mac, Linux)
    - Patcher: fixed crash when applying patch (Windows).
    - Save/load: fixed crash when loading modded map sizes.
    - Zed bait: fixed crash.
    - Sound initialization: fixed crash.
    - Linux: compatibility fixes.
    1.22 January 24, 2011
    - UI: spacebar now toggles to last-used timescale.
    - UI: Pressing "9" now restarts the mission. (Mac only)
    - Fully Stocked mode: suppress Catbird unlock popup.
    - Save/load: fixed crash.
    - Planning mode: fixed crash.
    - Dynamite: fixed crash.
    - Linux: fixed incorrect manual being packaged.
    - Linux: OpenGL fix for some platforms.
    - Start Menu: fixed readme link.
    1.21 January 22, 2011
    - Release build!
    - Fully Stocked mode: hid extraneous unlock popups.
    - Graphics: converted .tgas to .pngs
    - Gameplay: fixed dynamite not respecting timescale.
    - Gameplay: spawnmanager no longer has western bias.
    - Fixed crash: in filemanager after deleting all files.
    1.2 January 21, 2011
    - Fixed crash: artillery draw code.
    - Fully Stocked mode: removed infection difficulty ramp.
    - Fully Stocked mode: removed purchaseable llamas.
    - Casual mode: now propogates speed modification to infected humans.
    - Hardcore mode: now propogates speed modification to infected humans.
    - Cityscape: fixed uninitialized data in mission restart's restore positions.
    - Cityscape: fixed infantry and sniper team squad renaming.
    1.1January 20, 2011
    Pre-release build