Frequently-Asked Questions

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What is this?

Gravity Bone is a first-person short story. The entire thing takes about 20-30 minutes to play. It's free.

Where can I get it?

You can get Gravity Bone from or Steam. It is a free download.

When was it made?

Gravity Bone was released in September 2008.

What tech does Gravity Bone use?

Gravity Bone uses the Quake II engine by id Software.

It uses KMQuake II, an engine port created by Knightmare.

It uses Lazarus, a level designer package by David Hyde and Mad Dog.

Who made Gravity Bone?

Brendon Chung did the design, art, and code.

Hey why did you use the Quake 2 engine?

I've been continually using various id Software engines (Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, etc.) since about 1996.

I have a lot of experience using these engines, I like how clean and robust they are, and the fact that the engines are open-source gives me a lot of control and freedom.

Where can I get Gravity Bone's source code?

You can get the the source code from my github.

Help! The game doesn't run

Unfortunately, the game's code base is very ancient and very dusty (10+ years old), so I can't make any promises. But, I can take a quick look at the problem.

Email me the details at
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