Atom Zombie Smasher: Steam release date

Atom Zombie Smasher is now available on Steam!  Here’s the link to its Steam page:

The Steam version is bundled with both the PC and Mac version, and is complete with a bevy of Steam Achievements to grapple and grope with.  And that’s not all!  In addition to a lower price, there’s also an extra discount - for one week Atom Zombie Smasher is only $8.99 on Steam.

So what are you waiting for?  There are zombies demanding to be smashed. Save the date! Atom Zombie Smasher will be released on Steam next Monday, on March 14.  Anyone who has already purchased Atom Zombie Smasher from can expect to receive a free download key for the Steam version.

I’ve spent the past few weeks adding Steam achievements to the build.  There’s a number of them that should be rather challenging. And by that, I mean, I’d be surprised if anyone manages to unlock all of them.  I’m quite happy with how the entire game is looking right now - a huge thanks to everyone who has sent in feedback and bug reports!