All about PAX

Last month I was in Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo, PAX.  Atom Zombie Smasher was chosen for the PAX 10 - a showcase of ten independent games picked by the PAX folks. It was a great honor to be shown alongside such an amazing lineup of games & developers. This was my first time demoing my own game on a show floor, so it was A) very exciting, and B) mishaps aplenty (on my end, not the PAX folks).

If you’ve ever been to E3 or similar trade shows, I’m sure you’ve seen some incredible booth setups with giant castle facades, avenues of monitors, dudes in power armor, bikini girls, monster trucks, etc.

Meanwhile, I had:

Here’s how I set up my area. The awesome PAX folks provided a table, a large television, and a great spot on the show floor:

The PAX 10 area comprised of several tables. The PAX 10 games were: Word Fighter (my table neighbor!), A Flipping Good Time, AntiChamber, Fez, Jamestown, Snapshot, Solar 2, The SplattersVanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare, and my own Atom Zombie Smasher. Hanging out and chatting with all the devs was great; I get the strong feeling we’ll all be seeing one another again at future events.

At the end of each day I jotted down some random things in my notebook:


The best part of PAX was getting to physically meet and chat with people and developers I’ve previously known only via email. With video games nowadays oftentimes having no physical media to speak of, beamed directly into your computer by digital voodoo, getting the opportunity to say “hello!” to fans is a rare and wonderful treat.

Here’s a picture of the PAX 10 panel talk. Check out the Blendo Games Facebook page for more PAX pictures.

Huge thanks to the PAX folks for all their hard work. It’s an amazing event - if you have any interest in video games, board games, comic books and the like, check out PAX!