Thirty Flights of Loving prototype

Back in 2008 when Gravity Bone was being made, it went through a number of prototypes. At some point or another the game had grappling hooks, hacking minigames, handgrenade trick throws, granular door opening, and other experimental/goofy stuff during in its development.

One of those prototypes played with the idea of cutting and editing. This prototype would eventually become Thirty Flights of Loving. There’s always a first draft, so here’s video footage of that 2008 prototype:

I have to admit the gun was included mostly because I wanted to see how well I could fake some depth-of-field effects. If I remember correctly, the gun model consists of a couple of quad planes.

The prototype dialogue makes me cringe. Hats off to anyone tackling dialogue systems and dialogue writing.

Et al

When I got around to working on Thirty Flights of Loving proper (2013), almost 5 years had passed since the original prototype’s creation. Stuffing a project into a drawer and returning back to it years later is a luxury. You’ll have taken an all-new perspective, gained months’ worth of brain percolation, and will have let go of some preciousness and preconceptions about the work-in-progress. The common adage is “kill your babies,” but I’d append to that: “and keep ‘em in your drawer.”