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What is Skin Deep?

Skin Deep:

Can I buy Skin Deep now?

Not yet! In the meantime, you can wish-list Skin Deep on Steam.

How can I follow Skin Deep's development?

What platform will Skin Deep be available on?

Skin Deep will be available on Windows 7 and above.

When did development of Skin Deep start?

Around July 2018.

Does Skin Deep have a release date?

Nope, not yet.

Who is making Skin Deep?

The current team is:

Is Skin Deep going to take 4+ years of development time like your previous game Quadrilateral Cowboy?

I hope not.

What technology does Skin Deep use?

Skin Deep is based on dhewm3, a modified port of the idTech4 engine.

Why does Skin Deep use idTech4?

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