Flotilla 2 announced

I’m excited to announce I’m working on a new project! My new game is Flotilla 2, a VR game about big battleships in space.

Flotilla 2 is a single-player turn-based tactical game. Combat revolves around maneuvering, flanking, and hitting the enemy where their armor is weak.

This is a sequel to the original Flotilla, and expands on the combat systems explored there. However, unlike the original Flotilla, Flotilla 2 requires a VR headset. I’ve been wanting to experiment in the VR space for a while, and the gameplay of Flotilla felt like a perfect fit.

Also on this project, I’m fortunate enough to have a crew of local Los Angeles developers collaborate with me. The Flotilla 2 level designers are:

If you like, you can add Flotilla 2 to your Steam wishlist or follow the game’s development on Twitter or the email newsletter. Thanks for checking out Flotilla 2!