Flotilla Source Release

In 2010 I made a game called Flotilla and today on its 10th birthday, I’m releasing its source code. Enjoy! The game is fun but the code is a bit of a mess and embarrassing!

Source code: https://github.com/blendogames/Flotilla

the games

Flotilla was basically my first game as a programmer. I had previously coded bits and pieces for my mod projects, but nothing to this scale. There’s a ton of janky code and a lot of naive implementation of things, but somehow that didn’t stop Flotilla from being shipped and released?

This project was my C# coding education. I went through of Microsoft’s official XNA tutorials and built the game from there. I definitely didn’t really know what I was doing. But, I learn best when I can apply lessons to an actual project, so this approach works for me.

Flotilla’s source code is released under the zlib license, which basically means you are free to use the source code for personal or commercial purposes. (Please note Flotilla’s game assets (art, models, textures, audio, etc.) are not open-source and are not to be redistributed)

Enjoy: https://github.com/blendogames/Flotilla