January 19th, 2015
Category: sketch

monday sketch: battle royale video game


January 12th, 2015
Category: sketch

monday sketch: enter the hero.


January 2nd, 2015
Category: development, Quadrilateral Cowboy

Blender Cables

My current project Quadrilateral Cowboy has a fair amount of dangly cables.


Here’s how I make them in Blender (I use version 2.49b):

  1. Create a cylinder.
    1. Vertices and Depth determine how detailed the cable will be.
    2. Deactivate: Cap Ends
  2. Rotate the cylinder to run along the X axis (the red line).
  3. Apply scale and rotation to the cylinder:
    1. Press: ctrl+a
    2. Select: Scale and Rotation to ObData
  4. Create a bezier curve.
    1. The bezier curve and the cylinder should both be at the same origin.
  5. Activate 3D on the bezier curve:
    1. Open the Editing panel (press F9).
    2. In the Curve and Surface area, click the button labeled 3D.
  6. Add a modifer to the cylinder: Array
    1. Change Fixed Count to Fit to Curve Length
    2. In ob, type your bezier curve’s name. (default: Curve)
  7. Add modifer to cylinder: Curve
    1. In ob, type in your bezier curve’s name. (default: Curve)
  8. Go nuts with the bezier curve:
    1. Select the last node on the bezier curve.
    2. Extrude the node. (press: e)
  9. Optional: bake the curve:
    1. Select the cylinder.
    2. Press: alt+c
    3. Select Delete Original
December 8th, 2014
Category: sketch

The Calling

I wrote and drew a four-page comic a couple years ago. It involves Santa Claus. Here it is:



Here’s a convenient version for mobile devices:



For giggles, here is a time-lapse recording of the comic’s inking process:


October 6th, 2014
Category: sketch

monday sketch: sesquicentennial, pg. 4

Page 4 of Sesquicentennial. Script by Helen Han.


September 29th, 2014
Category: sketch

monday sketch: sesquicentennial, pg. 3

Page 3 of Sesquicentennial. Script by Helen Han.

Page 1:
click here

Page 2:
click here

Page 3:

August 25th, 2014
Category: sketch

monday sketch: desert, pg. 2

Another Desert page. Script by Helen Han.

pg. 1:
click here

pg. 2:




August 18th, 2014
Category: sketch

monday sketch: desert, pg. 1


August 4th, 2014
Category: sketch

monday sketch: eyeballs


July 29th, 2014
Category: development, Thirty Flights of Loving

Gravity Bone / Thirty Flights of Loving entities

Here’s the entity definition file for Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving.

Sixty-four custom entities were made. Search the file for “GRAVITY BONE CUSTOM ENTITIES” to find these custom entities. There’s some sparse documentation but you might need to peek into TFOL’s source code to find details on how things work.

I used GTKRadiant 1.3.13 to make maps for GB & TFOL. For GTKRadiant to recognize the entity definition file, place the file into the Thirty Flights of Loving folder:

Click here to download the entities definition file (80 kb)