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Date: July 14th, 2011
Cate: atom zombie smasher, patch
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Atom Zombie Smasher v1.84 update

Atom Zombie Smasher v1.84 is now live. As requested, lots of gameplay and UI tweaks, and several stability fixes as well.

– Gameplay: Chooser gamemode no longer scrambles merc lineup.
– Gameplay: landmines now respect user’s gamespeed.
– UI: middle mouse click now opens Merc Chooser window.
– UI: Alt+Enter now toggles fullscreen/windowed.
– UI: added option to quit without saving.
– UI: added social feed.
– UI: added More Games menu.
– UI: increased Report-a-Bug window size.
– UI: campaign log export now includes hours/minutes in filename.
– System: Disable joysticks with “-joystick 0” command line.
– System: Disable sound with “-sound 0” command line.
– System: Added telemetry system.
– Fix: crash in 3D renderer.
– Fix: crash in region generation.
– Fix: crash in newsletter page.
– Fix: crash with empty mod names.
– Fix: crash in music system.
– Fix: crash in pathfinder.
– Fix: crash in text renderer.


The Steam build will auto update. The non-Steam patch can be grabbed at: